All guests must have a resident of The Mothership hosting them.

Responsibilities of a host:

  • Orient their guests to anything they need to know. Check the “Topics to cover with guests” document in the lists folder.
  • If the guest is going to sleep in one of the guest quarters or in a public space, schedule them on the “Mothership Room Reservations “ Google Calendar. Put people on the calendar “all day” for any night they are going to be sleeping over. That means the last day they are here, they will NOT be on the calendar.
  • Communicate directly with their guest if another resident does not want to.

Any resident may ask any guest to leave at any time for any or no reason.

Guests who wish to stay more than 28 days out of any 60 day period must apply for long-term guest status within 21 days after they arrive. Application to include, at a minimum, where they intend to sleep, a description of any needs or challenges they've felt being a guest at The Mothership, what The Mothership can do to help address those needs and challenges, where they intend to go when they leave, how they plan to get there, and what date they plan to be their last day.

Long-term guests who wish to stay longer than the last day they had planned to stay or who wish to stay longer than 60 days must re-apply for long-term guest status at least 7 days beforehand..

In order to stay on as a long-term guest, all residents must be consent to an applicant staying.

Guests are encouraged to get clear before applying for long-term guest status.