Decision Making

We have house meetings on an as-needed basis. Any agenda item that requires a decision needs to be announced at least 24 hours in advance. Decisions at meetings are made by consensus.

Decisions can also be made outside of meetings by soliciting the input of the people who are likely to care and being willing to take responsibility for the decisions you make. As a guideline, if it takes more effort to talk about than undo, you don’t need a full group decision. If it takes enough effort to implement that you’d be upset if someone then casually undid your work, you might choose to solicit input anyway.

For bigger decisions, you could check in with people in person, send a house text with your proposal and a reasonable deadline for raising objections, or any other creative method you can come up with to include everyone who wants to be included in your decision.

The Bridge Crew may overrule or simply not consult the entire crew on matters that affect the long term health and viability of the community or major changes to infrastructure.