Bridge Crew (Income Sharing)

The Bridge Crew is a subset of our Crew who live our lives in accordance with the principles of The Federation of Egalitarian Communities. This means we:

  1. Holds our land, labor, income and other resources in common.
  2. Assumes responsibility for the needs of our members, receiving the products of their labor and distributing these and all other goods equally, or according to need.
  3. Practice non-violence.
  4. Use a form of decision making in which members have an equal opportunity to participate, either through consensus, direct vote, or right of appeal or overrule.
  5. Actively work to establish the equality of all people and does not permit discrimination on the basis of race, class, creed, ethnic origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
  6. Act to conserve natural resources for present and future generations while striving to continually improve ecological awareness and practice.
  7. Create processes for group communication and participation and provides an environment which supports people's development.

We will add details of how we accomplish this eventually.