Joining the Crew (Membership)

One of our lovely housemates has moved out to form a new community with people who are doing the same sort of activist work he is, another is moved in with a partner, and third will leaving the country soon. We're sad to see them go, and are also excited to see who it is we've just made space for! Is it you?

Although we each have our own individual lives, we are looking to build a home together. Many of us eat together most days, we have been known to show up at events together en masse, dry evenings are often spent together around the fire pit in our back yard. While we take responsibility for ourselves, we also care for each other's physical and emotional wellbeing as an important part of building this life.

Here are some reasons you might NOT want to live with us:
You don't like and/or feel uncomfortable around nonmonogamous, queer, and/or genderqueer people.
You are not EXCITED about living with children (merely tolerating them is not enough).
It is important that you live in a house with a microwave.
It is important that you live in a house with a television.
You would be uncomfortable living in a house where people raise and slaughter animals, cook them, and serve them for supper.
You would be uncomfortable with open and frank conversations about sex at the supper table.
You smoke tobacco.
It is important to you that your front door be kept locked.
You would be uncomfortable with occasional groups of 10-15 trusted strangers staying in your home for 3-4 days at a time.
You would be uncomfortable with a rotating cast of regular overnight guests, at least 1 or 2 on most any night.
Loud voices and laughter bother you or you frequently need a quiet house.
It would bother you to come home to find one of your midwife housemate dehydrating a human placenta.
You must have your home be consistently tidy.
You have a pet dog or cat you want to bring with you (allergies).

If none of the above are relevant to you, keep reading.
Right now, there are nine adults, one child (age 5), and you(?) living in our community. The adults are in our mid 20s through mid 30s, we enjoy board and card games (strategy games in particular), cooking for each other, preserving food, brewing, building, making music, art, crafts, and medicine, and partner dancing.

It is important to us to live with people who share our values around the treatment of children. We believe children are small humans rather than future humans. This means it is important to treat them with the same respect and dignity we would afford other adults. In a practical sense, this means respecting their boundaries, including them in conversations, allowing them space to make their own mistakes, and directing questions about them to them. We are open to welcoming more children into our lives.

One space that's available now is an RV that's been beautifully remodeled in wood with an open floorplan. Pictures to come soon, but we can assure you it isn't the cramped gross vinyl situation you imagine when you hear the words RV. It has power and heat. Come inside for water, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Head back out to your RV for some quiet and solitude.

The other space available now is a large bedroom directly off the living room. It has full length mirrors along the entirety of one wall, a good sized closet with a built in dresser, a cedar closet, hardwood floors, and really lovely afternoon light.

The space opening near the beginning of March is in our carpeted basement, has quiet hours from 10 PM to 10 AM although you can sometimes hear people moving around above you after hours, lots of storage space, egress windows that let in plenty of daylight, and a built-in desk.

Outside, you'll find gardens that you're invited to plant in. We are particularly interested in someone who is excited about managing the garden. We have a basketball court, a covered outdoor kitchen, and a full sized playground. It's one block from a school with an even larger playground and a giant open field. The half-acre lot next to ours has been turned into a free food garden. You can walk to restaurants, food carts, Albertsons, and bars. You can bike to the Alberta Arts district and New Seasons (or walk, if you're committed). It's a two block walk to a playground with a skate park, fountain, and picnic areas.

You can join the Bridge Crew or Rent for $790 per month. Rent includes utilities, toiletries, cleaning supplies, certain other personal needs items, and almost all food you'd eat at home/bring with you to work/bring to a potluck, etc -- pretty much everything you need to live except, mobile phone service, health insurance, and transportation.

The lease is month to month, although ideally we are looking for people that want to live with us for a long time. The rooms are available now, but we are willing to wait for the right person.

If you're interested in one of our spaces, please contact us and let us know a little bit about yourself, what you're looking for in a home, why you're interested in living with us in particular, and when you are looking to move in.