Joining the Crew (Membership)

Update: February 16th, 2016. We are currently full, but we are leaving up our most recent seeking-new-members ad because it has good information, and if you want to come meet us, become friends with us, and explore getting added to our wait list for when spaces become available, you are still invited to reach out.


We’ve added a third house to The Mothership, which means we have a total of 6 new living spaces opening up. Some are already filled, but we still have room for more people! We are currently 15 (mostly queer, trans, and/or non-binary) people living in two houses. We’re expanding to 18, and have plans to build rooms for four more people by the end of the year.

While we each maintain our own personal lives, we are looking to build a home together. Most mornings there will be some people gathered for coffee/tea and conversation. Evenings often include board games, a meal, food preservation, brewing, making music, art, crafts, or creating herbal medicines. We often go to parties and other events together, and evenings often include sitting around the fire pit in our backyard. There are frequent building projects as we make changes to our home to suit community needs and desires.

We have fully collectivized our food system. Almost all food is included in the price of rent. We often eat together in small groups. Typically, when people cook, they cook for between four and eight people, and whoever shows up will be a part of that meal. Most days feature several meals like that.

We have children in the community, and we are open to more. It is important to us to live with people who share our values about how we treat children. We believe children are small humans rather than future humans. We treat them with the same respect and dignity we afford adults. We respect their boundaries, include them in conversations and decision making, allow them space to make mistakes, and direct questions about them to them. People who do well at The Mothership are excited about living with children and maintaining their own relationships with them. Merely tolerating them is not enough.

We frequently have guests. Between people’s individual friends, friends of the whole community that drop by, and visitors from out of town who are interested in our community, there is usually a lively scene around here. Summers, in particular, tend to mean full guest spaces and a few people who’ve pitched tents in our network of adjoined backyards.

We care about social justice and the impacts of transphobia, white supremacism, homophobia, and the patriarchy and how to address them are common topics of conversation. Sex is openly discussed in common spaces, with topics ranging from theoretical discussions of the politics of sexuality all the way to people openly discussing explicit details of their own sex lives with each other. Similarly, two of us are midwives, which also means discussions of childbirth and the medical care associated with it are also common. It also means human placentas will sometimes be dehydrating in the house.

While we generally encourage people to bring themselves fully into this home life and to make this space their own, there are a few lifestyle and culture choices we’ve made that we are not interested in changing: We do not have a microwave, nor is there a television that stays in common space (though we sometimes bring out a projector for movie nights). Residents do not smoke Tobacco, and we do not accept dogs or cats to live in the houses here due to allergies. Some of us eat meat, some of us don’t, and while nobody is going to judge you for your dietary choices, we expect the same courtesy from vegetarians or vegans who choose to live here. We do not keep our front door locked. There is almost always someone home, and we frequently have friends drop by.

We have three living rooms in three houses. We’re currently experimenting with how they’re used, but the current thought is to have a social living room, a coffee house/coworking space living room, and a calmer, quieter living room. The kitchens will each have different cultures around cleanliness in order to suit people with a variety of needs, and there are 4 bathrooms to use.

Outside, you'll find vegetable gardens that you're invited to plant in, a fire pit, a pair of bathtubs, a basketball court, open lawn, hammocks, a shade garden, and some beautiful flowers, and a playground. We’re a block from a school with a larger playground and a large open field. The half-acre lot next to ours has been turned into a free food garden by the church that owns it. You can walk to restaurants, food carts, Albertsons, and bars. You can bike to the Alberta Arts district and New Seasons (or walk, if you're committed). It's a three block walk to a playground with a skate park, fountain, and picnic areas.

There are 3 bedrooms available in the house with the calm living room. They each feature wood floors and large, north facing windows that open on to a roof.

There’s a 150 square foot bedroom in the carpeted basement of the house with the social living room. The basement has low ceilings and quiet hours from 10 PM to 10 AM although you can often hear people moving around in the living room above after hours. It has lots of storage space, egress windows that let in plenty of daylight, and a built-in desk. The room opens to a community closet, which many community members choose to get dressed out of.

You can join Bridge Crew or Rent for $930 per month. Rent includes utilities, toiletries, cleaning supplies, fresh veggies from the garden, garden budget, party budget, printer, printer paper, community clothes, washer dryer, craft supplies, office supplies, community bikes, over the counter medicine, condoms, lube, gloves, Plan B,  and almost all food you'd eat at home/bring with you to work/bring to a potluck, etc -- pretty much everything you need to live except, mobile phone service, health insurance, personal clothing, shoes and transportation.

The lease is month to month, although ideally we are looking for people that want to live with us for a long time. The rooms are available soon we are willing to wait for the right person.

If you're interested in one of our spaces, please contact us and let us know a little bit about yourself, what you're looking for in a home, why you're interested in living with us in particular, and when you are looking to move in.