So you'd like to come visit us? Great! We love visitors. That said, we want to know a little about who you are so we can match you with a good host within the community. In order to facilitate this, please use the "Contact Us" form to send us a letter of introduction that addresses the following points, but also feel free to add anything else you wish:

  • Your name and pronouns. We want to know how you like to be addressed.

  • We'd like to know a little bit about who you are. Tell us about your passions, aspirations, ideals, work, play, past, or whatever else may help us get a sense of who you are.

  • Your purpose in visiting. Are you interested in membership? Just looking for a place to stay while you're in town? Are you touring communities without an immediate desire to join one? Did you hear a rumor we were really great people that you should go visit because you'd like us? Something else?

  • When and for how long would you like to visit? The more flexible you are with your timing, the easier it will be for us to say yes.

  • For visits longer than 1 week: What is your departure plan? When and how will you be leaving? Where will you be going afterwards?

  • If you would like to stay overnight, what sort of sleeping accomodations do you need? Do you need absolute quiet, or is it okay to be off the main room? Do you need a private space with a door that closes, or would getting you situated in common space work? What kind of sleep surface do you need? How do you feel about sleeping outside in a tent? Can you bring your own tent?

  • Do you have any accessibility needs? We aspire to be a welcoming space to all people and are aware that we are limited by the physical space we are in. If you let us know your needs, we will work to accomodate them. This is about providing you accomodations. Please feel free to ask for the things that would make your stay easier. We may tell you we aren't able to accomodate you, but we aren't going to turn you down for a visit because you made a request.

  • Do you smoke Tobacco?