Bulk Buying Club

We operate a small bulk buying club out of The Mothership. We work with wholesalers and directly with farmers to purchase local, organic, and otherwise ethically sourced foods. We have sources of meat, eggs, produce, and bulk dry goods. If you aren't sure whether we can get what you want, just ask.


Where possible, we make our suppliers' price sheets available to you directly. Since many wholesalers consider this secret information, we keep them on a password protected website. If you'd like access to pricing, you can join the bulk buying club.

All prices are based directly on the cost of purchasing them from the supplier. We charge a 5% handling fee, rounded up to the nearest nickel on most items that covers gas, operating this website, and a few other related expenses.

Split Cases

If you don't want an entire case of something, there are options. Some of our suppliers can do split cases of certain items, though they often charge a small handling fee for doing so. Even items that cannot be split by the supplier can be split among several members of the bulk buying club. If you would like to split an order with someone(s), contact us and we'll send out the details by e-mail to other buying club members who have signed up to receive updates. E-mails are sent out no more than twice per week, and only when we have something real to say (like someone has requested a split case).

There are a few items that we keep in stock, and can therefore be ordered in much smaller quantities. When ordering smaller quantities of these items, we find the per-pound or item cost, add 10%, and round up to the nearest nickel.


You can pay with cash, a check, or Dwolla. We can accept credit cards by special arrangement, but there will be an associated fee in order to cover the cost of using a card. There is a $35 returned check fee.

Our preferred method of payment is Dwolla. Dwolla is a low cost payment network that connects securely to your bank account. They charge just $0.25 per transaction, which you will be responsible for paying. Our Dwolla ID is 812-342-3945 if you prefer to send us money through their interface, or you can

The first time you pay with Dwolla, the process takes an extra few days to verify your bank account. If you sign up now, you can be ready in time for your first order.

Our Suppliers:

Earthly Gourmet

Earthly Gourmet is an independently-owned wholesale distributor of raw, vegan and gluten-free gourmet foods. They operate out of a warehouse in southeast Portland and sell an eclectic mix of dry goods, staples, sweeteners, juices, and specialty items. Descriptions of many of their items can be found on their website, but it is worth looking at the full price sheet to see all of what they offer.


Hummingbird Wholesale

Hummingbird Wholesale is a small, family owned and operated business focused on being a positive force for change in the food industry. They are based in Eugene, OR and carry a wide variety of unrefrigerated goods including pasta, oils, grains, beans, dried fruits, and household cleaners. They do an impressive amount of research to ensure all of their products are high quality, and make the details available publicly on their website.


Organically Grown Company

Organically Grown Company is an organic produce distributor based in Portland, OR. They buy almost everything direct from farms, always tell you what farm it's coming from, and where possible, they source products from within Cascadia.


Ela Farms

Ela Farms sells frozen berries and high quality farm eggs. Their eggs are washed and must therefore be refrigerated.